Borobudur Tour

Borobudur Tour is actually an activity that usually people can do during their time at Borobudur Temple. Since Borobudur Tour has become so popular in the world, there are some nice acitivities that people can do. The most popular activity for Borobudur Tour is Borobudur Sunrise, which is we already tell in previous article about Borobudur Sunrise, catching the sunrise inside Borobudur Temple. Next one is visiting Borobudur Temple in the early morning, it is one of the type of Borobudur Tour for them who have enough time for their vacation time while at Borobudur or in Jogja (Jogjakarta). Then, kind of family trip, Borobudur Tour got Elephant Ride! Yes, such a nice Borobudur Activity for people who bring their children to Borobudur Temple. (to be continued)

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